Waxing Pre & Post Care

Our goal is for clients to have a pleasant experience and to know that DOUBLE DIPPING is not practiced for infection control purposes.  

Please read below pre/post wax care instructions

To ensure a successful waxing treatment, sanitary services, and minimize health risk(lifting or tearing of skin) please follow the below:

1.  Come freshly bathe/showered for any services below the neck.  No lotions or deodorants for underarms.  Brazilians/bikini wax services shower before service.

 2.  Provide Candid Medical history.  Contraindications for waxing-Diabetes, High blood pressure, Rosacea, Phlebitis, Varicose veins, any physician instructed contraindications. 

 3.  Infections: No treatments until medically cleared. Bacterial, Fungal and Viral Infections– Cold sore/ Herpes Simplex wait 48hr after antiviral care.

 4.  The following cause skin tears or skin lifting.   Please follow time periods.

  • Medications:  Accutane, Retin-A, Differin, Renova, blood thinners, antidepressants, cortisone, hormone medications please seek medical clearance.
  • 24-48 hour prior avoid Sun exposure/tanning
  • 7 day post-Chemical Peels, Microderms
  • 6 month post Surgeries, IPL, Laser Treatments

5.  Brazilian clients: Be aware that the week prior to menstruation the skin cells are inflamed thus resulting increased discomfort during Brazilians. 

5b. Some clients find it helpful to take either a motrin/advil/aleve 30 minutes prior to appointment.  Please follow manufacturer instructions

5c. Best to schedule appointments at 4 week increments

6. Post Care for Brazilian/Bikini The pores are opened after waxing services.  

       48 hours post wax NO Hot tubs, Hot Yoga, Sauna, Baths, Intimacy, or Exfoliation

       Use the recommended post care cream for 48 hours.  ReNuew has a post care kit available for purchase.

       Recommend Weekly Exfoliation and Post care cream as discussed during service.

       Using an enzyme gel also assist with minimizing dead cell build up that often leads to ingrown hairs.

       Do not use bar soap as this does clog the pores.


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