Therapeutic Skincare Treatments

DMK ENZYME THERAPY Treatments act on three very important systems: The Facial Muscles, Circulatory system of the Skin and The Lymphatic System.  These treatments work at the skin's cellular level to Revise and ReEducate the skin to perform optimally.  DMK's concept is Remove dead cells, to improve the skin's texture to allow the deeper cells to flourish; Rebuild- encourages the skin to function at its best (A Skin's Personal Trainer); Protect  and Maintain.

SKIN CARE TREATMENTS-  Our treatments are based on skin care goals or concerns .  We are condition focused and offer a full range of treatments and protocols to manage and revise Acne all grades, Wrinkles, fine lines, Glycation (deep structural lines), Pigmentation, Rosacea, TEWL, & Eczema/Psoriasis/Dermatitis.  

Our services include:

1. Essential Skincare Treatments: Deep cleaning, hydrating, nourishing and relaxing skin treatments.

2. DMK Enzyme treatments: This journey supports our DMK Concept for Skin revision.

     Level 1: Enzyme Fundamental Treatments

     Levels 2 & 3: Skin Revision Treatments

     Paramedical Treatments: Require 4 enzyme treatments and full home care

  • Alkaline Wash-The alkaline system is a powerful and unique formulation designed to soften and desquamate skin cells. Ideal for inflamed acne, stubborn areas of pigmentation, reduces rosacea bacteria and mite, resurfaces mild lines and texture.Remodeling Procedure-RP is an industry proven peel to remodel sundamaged, pigmentation, dull, sagging, wrinkle skin. 10-14 Days  
  • Pro Alpha 6 Layer Peel -Boost and Renovates damaged skin. Great for thick non fragile skin, wrinkles, lines, pigmentation, & scars. 
  • Alkaline Scar Revision-This resurfacing treatment rebuilds and softens skin texture. Helps to revise pitted acne scars

3. Advance Modalities: LED, Microdermabrasion,  Dermaplane, Microcurrent, MediCupping, Radio Frequency, Skin Classic Treatments-Treat Cherry angiomas, sundamage, sebaceaous hyperplasia, fibromas, hyperpigmentation

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